Eco-system Intelligence

We are amongst the best who understand what regulatory changes happened in the recent past and what regulatory changes are likely to come soon. REECODE has foresight to understand their impact on project IRRs; We have knowledge on what will drive customers’ savings; We know the way forward.

We know who is doing what and how. That helps us create our own competitive advantage. To help customers.


REECODE has a very large network of material suppliers and sub-contractors; that not only helps in deriving the best value, but also in taking immediate corrective steps for the smooth-implementation of any project. The unorganised sector poses a serious challenge to projects, and such a wide network helps.

Solar Parks

A large network of vendors also helps in bringing in newer ideas/innovation that create value for customers.
We work with various independent solar park developers, while also making arrangements for independent land and grid connectivity permissions. We address these at the outset for every project. Shortages pose challenges and we know what’s available and where.

More often than not, delayed decisions by customers on this aspect erode values from solar initiatives.

Working With The System

Another critical element of executing a successful solar power project is to know how the system works – the energy regulatory commissions, the renewable energy development (nodal) agencies, the discoms, the transcoms, the load dispatch centres (grid managers) and the government.
REECODE knows the formalities and the processes, and enables customers to do the right thing at the right time.