Optimum Project Capacity Sizing

Conform to Regulatory Requirements

Comprehensive Bill of Material

The first step to adopting solar is to perfectly calculate the requirement that
can be served by a solar power project. Over-sizing leads to unnecessary
capital investment and under-sizing reduces the benefit that can be derived
from a solar initiative. REECODE understands this very well.

REECODE also understands the regulatory/governmental conditions in
various states, knowing well what is allowed and what is not allowed, and
delivering projects that are fully utilised. We don’t like surprises ourselves
and do not make customers pay for such surprises.

And, then, the crucial part is to design a project, prepare a bill of material/
bill of quantity that is a little over-sized to absorb and deliver any sudden
surge in power that the Sun can provide. More importantly, a little oversizing
keeps the system safe and secure from any hazard. You can’t afford